Our Adventures

Stockholm Adventures creates genuine experiences for people who think that adventure is part of the good life. We continually strive to extend this sense of the “good life” to all parts of our tours – which means good food, outstanding hospitality and careful consideration for you and the environment every step of the way.

We offer guided tours or independent adventures for groups, individuals, and families alike. We’ll give you access to the cultural highlights and nature that exists in and around beautiful Stockholm. Whether you wish to paddle in a kayak or skate on natural ice: with us you’ll venture off the ordinary tourist tracks and create a journey of your own.

Let the adventure begin!



Our tours are all inclusive; meaning that we provide:

  • all the necessary gears and safety equipment;
  • friendly and experienced guides / all information needed for the self-guided tours;
  • meals and/or snack when the tour lasts more than 3h (We truly believe that wonderful experiences should come together with great food!);
  • transportation to and from the shop when the activities required it.


Stockholm Adventures began operations in 2008; however the company is driven by people whom have many years of experience within ecotourism and adventure travel, both in Sweden and around the world. To read more about our wide selection of adventures, visit the “Our Adventures” section of this website.In mid March of 2015 the company Stockholm ICEguide AB bought Stockholm Adventures and moved the operations to Kungsbro strand 21 making the marriage of ICEguide(winter) and Stockholm Adventures (summer) a perfect couple with tours and activates all year around.