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Pedal along the boulevards, soar above the skyline it’s your adventure! Stockholm Adventures offers guided tours and tailored experiences that take guests on a journey through the many highlights Stockholm has to offer. Get away from the crowds and deep into the culture and nature of beautiful Stockholm…
Let the adventure begin!

Kayak in Stockholm City

Spend time leisurely paddling in a kayak while taking in views of Stockholm from the water. You will paddle close to land so you can enjoy all the sights.

SEK  490

Stockholm at a glance bike tour

Biking is certainly one of the best ways to discover Stockholm, and Swedes’ favorite mode of transportation when spring comes!

SEK  390

Sailing the Archipelago

Nowhere on earth can you find such an abundance of natural islands so close together. Your skipper will guide you through the Archipelago.

SEK  1990

Stockholm Seal Safari

Rib Adventure Speed boat Stockholm Seal Safari

SEK  1390

Wildlife Safari with midsummer meal

See wild animals in there natural habitat.Visit a historical landscape with our expert guides and see also runestones from the Viking age.Swedish traditional midsummer meal.

SEK  990