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Quick Details

Adult From 16 years old


This course is aimed at beginners who want to learn more about the basics of kayaking to open up possibilities of paddling in calm waters; on a lake or the inner archipelago. We alternate exercises with instructions and practice at a leisurely pace together with an experienced kayak instructor, in a small group where positive encouragement and fun are always in focus.

Your instructor will go through several basic paddling techniques and safety information before you try some simple paddling exercises, which aim to give you confidence in yourself and your kayak. During the course we paddle approx. 10-12 kilometers. This gives us time to show and teach the course requirements in a pedagogically good way, with a lot of joy, laughter and try for yourself. We will stop at a suitable place for a break and a leg stretch (PLEASE NOTE! Bring your own lunch bag and/or snacks).

Even though you do not need any previous experience to take this course with us, you should be able to swim to participate.

After completing this course, you will have your EPP yellow level, the second of five available levels. Read more about the Paddle Pass here. With approved results, you can buy a YELLOW EPP paddle pass for 150 SEK.

Course objectives

Once you have completed the course, you will have the knowledge to make day trips in lakes and protected waters in the inner archipelago.

Course area

We will paddle in Kalvfjärden, Tyresö, which is a fantastic inner archipelago bay close to the city. It is easy to get to and is part of Tyresta and Klövberget nature reserves, in a beautiful environment with the impressive Tyresö Castle as its backdrop. Here we can complete all the course elements whilst at the same time, have a great nature experience. We will meet in the parking lot / bridge at the hostel Lilla Tyresö / Prinsvillan, Kyrkvägen 5, 135 60 Tyresö. Take SL bus 875 from Gullmarsplan to Tyresö kyrka, and it is then 200 meters to the bridge. Alternatively, you can select transport from our Adventure Café on Kungsholmen with us at check out.