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Kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago

If there is something you absolutely should not miss whilst in Stockholm, it's kayaking around the archipelago! Just moments out of the city the archipelago begins, with almost 30,000 islands it's one of the most unique areas in Europe.

1790 SEK per person

Kayaking in Stockholm City

Stockholm is lovingly known as "The Venice of the North" due to it being situated over 14 islands and linked by 57 bridges! There is water everywhere, so why not jump into one of our kayaks and discover this beautiful city from the water?!

490 SEK per person

Sailing in Stockholm

Climb onboard our Luxury 40-48.5 foot Yacht for a full day sailing in the Stockholm Archipelago. Nowhere on earth can you find such an abundance of natural islands so close together. Boasting almost 30,000 islands, there's plenty to see and there's no better way than by sail boat!

Adult 2250 SEK, Youth (12-17) 1450 SEK

City Bike Tour - Stockholm at a Glance

Biking is certainly one of the best ways to discover Stockholm, and the Swedes’ favourite mode of transport when spring comes!  So join us as we do like the Swedes, and get a taste for this beautiful city by riding around the main highlights by bicycle.

Adult 390 SEK, Youth (12-17) 290 SEK

RIB Speed Boat Tour in Stockholm

Experience Stockholm's Archipelago by RIB speed boat: it's exciting, exhilerating and beautiful! Within 5 minutes of departure we will be in the Archipelago, with almost 30 000 islands there’s plenty to see and there’s no more thrilling way than by RIB speed boat!

690 SEK per person

Seal Safari Stockholm

What can be a greater combination of action and stillness, nature and wildlife than a RIB speed boat seal safari?

1390 SEK per person

Segway City Tour Stockholm

A Segway tour through Stockholm is an exciting and fun way to see more of Stockholm than you would by foot. Don't worry if you've never been on a Segway before, you'll get the hang of it in no time!

490 SEK per person

City Bike Tour - Södermalm

If you have the time, and have already seen the main highlights of Stockholm either on our ‘Stockholm at a Glance Bike Tour’ or our ‘City Segway Tour’ then this tour is perfect for you!  Delve further into Stockholm and visit Södermalm, known to the resident hipsters as 'SoFo' and the other locals simply as ‘Söder’.

Adult 290 SEK, Youth (12-17) 190 SEK

Wildlife Safari Stockholm

Spend an evening in Stockholm’s beautiful forest where you’ll have the chance to meet the “other” locals - the resident wildlife! Go in search of the "Kings of the Forest" (Moose) and more native Swedish animals.

Adult 1190 SEK, Youth (10-17) 595 SEK