Hiking Self Guided


The Stockholm area offers a lot of trails, happy you! There are hikes for everybody: from easy to difficult levels, a few hours to a full day!

Enjoy a day in a natural reserve, a protected area or an island in the archipelago without having to prepare anything. 
You can already choose the hike you want to do by reading our small descriptions below.

We will inform you of the best and fastest way to get there, provide you with a detailed map, a compass and a description of the hike. During the winter time, we will provide you with ice grips for your shoes, it can be very useful when there is ice on the way; with ice grips, you will not slip!

You will also receive a nice picnic lunch to satisfy your belly!


Distance: 6 km
Total height difference: 195 m
Difficulty: 2 – Moderate**
Duration: 2 hours

*Please note that the name of the trail “Subway to sauna” don’t includes subway or sauna fees.

This short hike in the closest natural reverse of Stockholm is perfect if you would like to explore the Swedish nature with a short time in front of you. You will not have the time to get bored: coniferous, broadleaved and deep forests, lakes and rocks will give a rhythm to your hike.
The first half of the hike -relatively easy- takes a large walking path; the second half will require a bit more effort! It takes a small path going up and down… But the sauna* and the lake will wait for you at the end!


Distance: between 10 and 13 km
Total height difference: 300m
Difficulty: 2 – moderate**
Duration: 4 to 5 hours

If you are in Stockholm for a few days, we really recommend you to go to the archipelago where 30,000 islands are waiting for you: hiking on one of it’s islands is a perfect combination of exercising, relaxing while enjoying wonderful views, taking a bath in the Baltic sea and sometimes observing wildlife.
On your way the pines, lobe-leaved trees, forests, rocky landscapes, nice beaches, lakes and marshes but also the traditional red wooden houses, harbors and ruins will give you a real taste of the typical Swedish archipelago’s landscape!

Please note that the public bus ride is app 45 min for the Archipelago hike and you got to be at our shop around 09-10 to pick up your backpack with instructions and food depending on what day it is in the week.


Distance: 12 km
Total height difference: 430 m
Difficulty: 3 – challenging**
Duration: 5 to 6 hours

What a better thing than a sauna* after a challenging hike in the closest natural reverse of Stockholm?! The lake- frozen during the winter- will attract the most motivated of you! :)
After a few meters, you will get the impression of being in the middle of nowhere even though the city is not so far away: the noise from the city will disappear in a fingers’ snap giving place to the birdsongs and the noise of the wind in the leaves. Each lake – there are 5 on the way – is a wonderful scenery to take some time and relax along the water. It is definitely my favorite hike! (Lisa)

* The sauna is not included in the price: it costs 65 SEK per person you can rent  towels there. It is open from 10:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Friday and from 10:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.
** 1- Easy, 2- Moderate, 3- Challenging, 4- Difficult, 5- Very difficult, 6- Extreme

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Price: 290SEK
Starting price: 290 SEK (for the 1st person)
Extra adult: 150 SEK
Extra youth until 17: 90 SEK

Good to know

Meeting point: Stockholm Adventures, Kungsbro Strand 21
We provide: Backpack with lunch, warm drinks and water bottle
Ice grips for shoes during the winter
Seat mats
Map of the place you will go hiking
Instructions to reach the starting point and come back to the city
You should bring: Hiking or sport shoes
Not included: Public transportation fees - Sauna fees
Time of the year: All year round

Important information